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Andrew Bentley, Clinical Herbalist

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Herbal medicine is the world's oldest and most widely used form of medicine. More than three out of every four people worldwide rely on herbal medicine as their primary form of healthcare, and that number is growing. Here in the USA, this form of healthcare has experienced a resurgence in recent decades, as the herbs themselves and studies on their effectiveness and safety have become more widely available.




A clinical herbalist treats individuals rather than illnesses. When a new person comes in, we work with them to put together a thorough overview of their health history and lifestyle, as well as any current symptoms or complaints. Based on this, we recommend and dispense herbs that are specifically effective for whichever organs and functions require additional support in that individual's body. Just as no two people are exactly the same, no two courses of healing are exactly the same.

This is one of only a few herbal healing practices in the country that combines years of scientific research, decades of clinical experience, and centuries of tradition, to provide a powerful opportunities for healing.

We treat individuals in all stages of life and all states of health, and endeavor to make herbal medicine accessible to everyone.

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